Zero Waste System

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Zero Waste System

The CM Zero Waste System screens and separates commingled steel and rubber generated from the Liberator or Stage 2 tire processing.

Once separated the steel material value can be greatly enhanced by this additional processing. The system utilizes a special screen in combination with magnetic separators to reclaim the steel and rubber.

The Zero Waste System utilizes a CM Liberator and Steel Reclaim System. The Liberator processes 4-6 inch shred, during the grinding process steel and rubber are separated. Strong magnets separate the rubber and steel. The steel is then reprocessed by a screen to be passed by a magnet to further clean and separate it. The system produces wire that can have less than 5% contamination.

Tire recyclers today, strive to recover all of the tire’s components and develop additional markets and increase their efficiencies. By eliminating waste and creating expanded opportunities from these materials, processors can maximize their profits by offering a variety of wire free crumb rubber feedstock sizes and clean salable steel for resale.

Features & Benefits

• Clean salable steel is less than 5% contaminate

• Additional revenue stream

• Maximum profits

• Eliminate disposal costs

• Recovered rubber stream from contaminated steel

• Available in Multiple Models


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