EP 5500 Shark

EP 5500 Shark

The latest Willibald series achieves results in the preparation of biomass and ( for the ) composting process which before were thought not to be realizable. Various materials can be processed through the unique sh r edding system of the Shark as required.     Particular attention is focused on the extended rubber conveyor belt.   The increased discharge height allows an optimal use of limited space and a direct loading of container vehicles. The bend technology of the rubber conveyor belt allows three fast- accessible basic positions.

  • Transport position with less than 10 m length of the machine overall
  • the maintenance position with an unique access for servicing and maintenance
  • the working position

Our operators are praising the efficiency and easy service accessibility as well as the compact structure of the new generation S hark.   M ain application areas: green waste; biomass, matured timber; pallets; bark; peat; bio gas substrates (e.g. sugar beets; potatoes; onions; carrots;   dung; grass and maize silage). The EP 5500 Shark series is currently available in three versions, each with free-swinging flails:

  • 48 flails version (approved since 2009)
  • 40-flail s rotor
  • new generation Shark II with 32 basic hammers with exchangeable tips


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