SR 5000 “The Giant”

SR 5000 “The Giant”

“The Giant” is a high performance shredder par excellence. The machine is ideal for wooden construction waste (demolition wood), pre-crushed, bulky rough wood, wooden packaging, wooden bulk waste and industrial wood waste. Depending on the nature /composition of the input materials from recyclable wood you will get chips that can be ideally used for energy by incinerating. Of course, this material can also be completely recycled. The SR is (much) / far more than just a “wood- specialist”. Also for the use of compost and green waste, this series is ideal for larger quantities of this   material:

  • high throughput
  • sturdy, powerful rotor with 32 free swinging flails or alternative 16 heavy single flails with replaceable tools   (different models available)
  • axle diameter 50mm
  • Rotor shaft 130 mm diameter
  • sturdy counter cutters
  • counter cutters pre-stressed through feather – little assurance of extraneous material

Especially suitable for

  • bulk waste
  • wooden packaging
  • industrial wood waste
  • demolition wood / construction waste
  • biomass
  • green waste


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