CM Chipping Shredders

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CM Chipping Shredders

CM Chipping Shredders are the shredders that put CM on the map. Since 1982 CM had built and delivered more of these work horses than all of our other shredders combined.

Now available in multiple models, including mobile and stationary configurations

The Cleanest Cuts In the Tire Recycling Industry – Our patented MULTI-STACK and DOUBLE-STACK knife design operates at extremely close tolerances which produces the industry’s cleanest cut with very little exposed wire. The knives can be sharpened and reused which significantly decreases operational costs.

Turnkey Ready – This stand-alone whole tire-to-chip system can be delivered with all stands, platforms and conveyors and come completely pre-wired to quickly have you up and operational. The shredders are designed for simplicity so you can keep your labor cost to a minimum.

This complete solution includes the CM single or double deck screen and rotary conveyor for returning oversized chips for reprocessing.
Capacities – 3 TPH to 24 TPH depending on input material size and final product (output) size.

  • Offered as a turnkey system
  • Can be provided in a stationary or mobile system
  • Produces the cleanest cut chip in the industry
  • Reusable resharpenable knives for multiple uses
  • Multiple screens available that can quickly be changed
  • Extremely versatile


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