490EW – Eagle Wing

490EW – Eagle Wing

The MAJOR 490EW grass topper is the machine of choice for grassland and setaside areas and for military authorities for cutting training areas and bases.
It is also suitable for use by airports for inner runway maintenance and at racecourses and stud farms for pasture improvements.

Practical, simple engineering are the key elements in the design of this robust and flexible mower. The blade lift and aerofoil combination disperses cut grass evenly.


Product Features:
– Three rotors with three blades per rotor
– Four gear box drive, with independent slip clutch and two year warranty
– Wide angle shaft (80°) constant velocity
– U-joint for continuous cutting
– Road lighting kit with flashing beacon
– 24 ply virtually puncture proof aircraft tyres
– Floating front swivel hitch and frame allows the machine to follow the grounds contours
– 153 mm (6”) blade overlap and high blade tip speeds ensure clean cutting

Overall Width 5.1m (16′ 7″)
Working Width 4.9m (16′)
Transport Width 2.3m (7’ 6”)
Transport Height 2.25m (7’ 4”)
No. of Blades 9
No. of Rotors 3
Power (HP) 90 – 180
PTO rpm 1000
 Blade Speed  17520 f/min (89m/s)
 Cutting Height  24 – 410mm (1”-16”)
 Blade Overlap  155mm (6”)
 Weight  2750 kg
 Wing Float  90° Up, 20° Down
 Input Gearbox  120HP continious
 Rotor Gearbox  75HP continious
Input PTO Shaft  V 80 Wide Angle
Rotor PTO shaft  T 60 Slip Clutch


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