THC465 Industrial Drum Chipper

THC465 Industrial Drum Chipper

The THC465 is an innovative industrial wood chipper that processes applications such as stem wood and untreated root stocks. Its revolutionary concept makes this wood chipper a worthy investment for processing sustainable material. Its drum rotor measures at 1,140 mm diameter x 1,320 mm wide. Designed to process a number of applications including compost/organic waste, wood and bark, sand and gravel, soil and pre-crushed waste.

The screens, from 30 to 125 mm, can be changed with the simplest of tools. Even more, its mobility increases the value. This machine can be driven through a 3-axle trailer chassis, mounted on a truck, as 2-axle semi-trailer or over crawler tracks.

The THC465 comes with two engine options of 462 hp/340 kW or 653 hp/480 kW.

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