TBC435VT Drum Chipper

TBC435VT Drum Chipper

TEE industrial wood chippers are the most productive and reliable portable chippers in the world – consistently out producing the closest rivals by up to 50% every day and the TBC435VT is no exception. With a high production capability of 100 plus tons per hour, the TBC 435VT challenges even the best loader operators to keep up. Compact yet enormously productive, the TBC435VT is an extreme-duty biomass production workhorse – providing owners with years of trouble free service.

Featuring two chipper rotor options, you can go from making high quality fuel chips custom sized from 12 to 25 mm to “micro-chips” from 2 to 12 mm. With multiple chute configurations and conveyor options, the TBC435VT can be customized to meet the demands of your processing job. Contact TEE for a TBC435VT stationary system that will fit your business needs.

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