TBC430TL Tree Chipper

TBC430TL Tree Chipper

Terex Environmental Equipment’s TBC430TL whole tree chipper features high-specification Caterpillar 325 tracks and industry-leading ground clearance to ensure that even the toughest of terrain can be crossed. The TBC 430TL has the added benefits of an onboard cabin and a knuckle boom loader.

Like the TBC 430T, the heart of TBC430TL is the massive 50” diameter drum with a 1” drum skin. These are the largest drums in the industry, which help improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. The robust drum has a full pocket cutting surface and bolt-in replaceable wear parts. This design gives the TBC430T & TBC430TL a mechanical advantage in cutting attack angle, wear part longevity, kinetic energy and fuel efficiency.

The TBC430TL produces up to 120 tons per hour of quality biomass and accepts short end cuts, up to 24” in diameter. Powered by a Caterpillar C-18, 765 hp engine and cutting with a 30” wide drum that turns at 700 rpm, smooth cutting and high torque is facilitated.

The machine and hydraulics are controlled by the Terex Eaton FX control system that monitors and diagnoses the machines operating functions. Terex has also designed manual overrides that can be operated without the computer. These industry leading designs make maintenance and serviceability of the products much easier, reducing our customers operating costs and down time.

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