All the power and reliability of the purpose-built C100 now comes on rubber tires. The C100T is a 99hp, purpose-built mulcher that rides on 42-inch rubber tires. The 4-wheel drive C100T takes on terrain and vegetation that ordinary skid steers just can’t handle. With 15.1-inches of ground clearance and 42-inch tires, the C100T can take on the forestry environment and still drive easily over roadways. The C100T features Rayco’s exclusive elevated cooling system that allows operation in hot, debris-filled environments and extends service intervals. The closed-loop hydrostatic cutter head drive system operates at higher pressures than skid steers for more productive mulching.

(*All specifications and information are preliminary. Rayco Manufacturing Inc. retains the right to make changes in design and specifications; engineering; add or remove features; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation. )

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