WPE 11 Wood Shaver (locally manufactured)

WPE 11 Wood Shaver (locally manufactured)

The machine is robust and made for the condition in our country with the simplicity that does not compromise the efficiency of the machine.

Product Features:

  • Shaver can handle wood diameter from 5 cm – 40 cm and a length of up to 1.2m
  • Cutter heads 2 @ 450 cm length and a diameter of 11 cm with a carrier shaft of 450 mm & 4 Knives with the option to use 2 blades where a course shaving application is desired
  • Blades size 3 mm thick 30 m x 450 mm and can be sharpened
  • Cutting head mounted on a floating frame for adjusting of the shavings thickness
  • Conveyor belt with skirting to contain the shaving and prevent dust.
  • Cutter head is driven by two 11 kW electric motors enclosed
  • Hopper box and conveyor belt driven by an 11 kW electric motor with a series of duty pulleys and sprockets and chains
  • Loading hopper box dimension 470 mm x 1220 mm x 550 mm using 6 mm steel
  • Hopper box wheel on steel channels with 6 heavy duty wheels
  • All electric motors require three phase power and have independent overload protector and an integrated start switch with two emergency stop switches.
  • Overall dimension 1035 m (w) x 3600 m (l) x 1720 m (h)
  • Machine made from 7.6 mm x 38 mm x 5 mm channel steel
  • Approx weight 780 kg
  • The machine is powder coated.
  • Production capacity approximately 780kgs per hour or 6-8 cu of shaving per hour


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