100 JR Brush Chipper

100 JR Brush Chipper

This machine has the normal 2 bladed chipping drum which when wood, both hard and soft is fed, the chipper chips and throws this up into the discharge, which is mounted a rotor spinning at twice the speed of the chipping drum.

With optional grinding or mulching at a flip open or closed, your chips are ground constantly till all passes through the screen. (For real fine grindings average larger than sawdust to .5cm. With 2nd door open (Just below main deflector) chips will still pass through grinder swing blades only once then all is discharged. (Giving well chipped 3/4 cm average chips.)

Product Features:


  • Locally made machine robust wood chipper
  • Chipper housing made of 8 and 6 mm pressed steel and powder coated
  • Heavy duty drum chipper with 12 mm thick, precision balance
  • 60 mm carrier shaft on bearings
  • Reversible imported blades 26.6 mm x 1.27 mm x 1.27 mm mounted above the blade pocket
  • 15 mm thick and adjustable anvil blade
  • 1.5m discharge chute with a flipper with the option of Grinding or mulcher blades
  • Production of between 2- 3 tons per hour
  • Average chip size of 20-30 mm
  • Chips brush up to 100 mm


  • Model 100 trolley mount double blade Chipper only, 18hp Briggs engine
  • Model 100 trolley mount double blade with mulcher 18hp Brigs engine


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